Eklutna Hydroelectric Project


NOTICE: The Draft Fish and Wildlife Program is now available, Click Here to view the document.

Eklutna Hydroelectric Project

The Eklutna Hydroelectric Project and its watershed provide a variety of benefits to the community including the majority of Anchorage’s water supply, low cost green power, and many recreational opportunities such as fishing, kayaking, biking and camping.

The Project was sold in 1997 to the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA), Chugach Electric Association (Chugach), and Matanuska Electric Association (MEA). As part of the sale of the project, the three utilities entered into a Fish & Wildlife Agreement in 1991. This agreement requires the project owners to develop and propose to the Governor a program to protect, mitigate damages to, and enhance fish and wildlife impacted by the development of the hydroelectric project.

This site provides information on the efforts being undertaken by the project owners to develop a Fish & Wildlife Program, including opportunities for the public to engage with the project team.


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