The 1991 Fish & Wildlife Agreement (Agreement) gives deadlines for specific milestones in the consultation, program development, and implementation processes. These deadlines, listed below, are all relative to the date on which ownership of the project was officially transferred from the federal government to the three local utilities (October 2, 1997). This date is referred to as the Transaction Date.

  • Initiate the consultation process no later than 25 years after the transaction date (2022)
  • Issuance of the Final F&W Program by the Governor at least 3 years prior to implementation (2024)
  • Begin implementation of the F&W Program no later than 30 years after the Transaction Date (2027)
  • Complete implementation of the F&W Program no later than 35 years after the transaction date (2032)

Before the Governor issues the final Fish & Wildlife Program, the Agreement requires the owners to develop study plans, conduct the necessary studies, prepare study reports, develop a draft Fish & Wildlife Program, engage the public, and to consult with agencies and interested parties multiple times throughout the process. In order to allow adequate time to meet these requirements, the owners have initiated the consultation process early. The planned schedule for providing the Governor with a Proposed Fish & Wildlife Program is shown below. 


Initiate consultation process, develop a website, gather existing information, conduct site reconnaissance, and develop a long-term plan.



Retain technical experts, develop study plans in consultation with state and federal agencies and any interested parties, and submit study plan schedule to the Governor for approval.


Conduct studies as described in the study plans (assuming 2 years of studies), develop a draft Summary of Results, and distribute to stakeholders for review and comment.


Develop a draft F&W Program, distribute to stakeholders for review and comment, conduct public meetings, resolve any disagreements, and submit proposal to the Governor.


Thank you for your interest in the development of the Eklutna Fish & Wildlife Program.

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