September 2021 Flow Releases

In 2021 the project owners conducted a series of controlled flow releases from Eklutna Lake into the Eklutna River for study purposes. Our technical team collected a wide range of data at established transects before, during, and after the study flow releases. This data is being used to develop models that will in turn be used to evaluate how various potential flows may impact fish habitat in the river. This evaluation, along with the results from other studies being conducted as part of the overall study program, will help inform the development of a future Fish and Wildlife Program for the Eklutna Hydroelectric Project.

September 2021 Drone Footage of Flow Releases

September 2021 Time Lapse of Sediment Wedge – Lower

September 2021 Time Lapse of Sediment Wedge – Middle

September 2021 Time Lapse of Sediment Wedge – Upper


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